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Current News

New Original Wallpapers! -- Posted by KMD_SSJvegeta25 on Thursday, November 15 2001
It has been a little quiet as of late so we decided to make some really awesome looking wallpapers for your viewing pleasure.

Bridge Commander Universe's (very talented) Graphic Designer, John Moore has made two very great looking Bridge Commander themed wallpapers.

Check both of them out HERE!

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New Links Added -- Posted by Stylsy on Sunday, November 11 2001
The following Bridge Commander sites have been added to the links section;

Epsilon Exploration Fleet
OSDD: Development Site NX-201015 U.S.S. Victoria
Planet BC

Also, if you haven't already noticed, a new ships page has been added to the site, listing the ships you will encounter in the game. Specs for each of these vessels will appear when we get them, so stay tuned!

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Links Page Updated -- Posted by Stylsy on Friday, November 9 2001
Updated the links page again, the following have been updated or added.

Bridge Commander Links

[email protected]
Vanguard Fleet

Star Trek Gaming Links

The Prime Directive
Jolly Star Trek

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Site Updates -- Posted by Stylsy on Thursday, November 8 2001
I have added two clans to the links section, Battle Group Omega and The Maquis Warriors. If you have a Bridge Commander site you would like added, check out the links page for instructions.

Also, from the old Prime Directive, I have added an old Q A with David Litwin as well as my own Bridge Commander preview, take a look.

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Armada 2 Has Gone Gold! -- Posted by Stylsy on Thursday, November 8 2001
Doug Pearson has announced that Bridge Commander's counterpart, the long-awaited sequel to Star Trek Armada has gone gold. A full gold announcement will be made over the next few days.
The demo for the game will be avaliable around product release, that is now only a few weeks away!

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Welcome! -- Posted by KMD_SSJvegeta25 on Wednesday, November 7 2001

"What the Hell Happen to BCHQ?"

As everyone would have notice by now, Bridge Commander Universe is now in place of Bridge Commander Headquarters. This is because Bridge Commander Universe is a brand new site combining the powers of Bridge Commander Headquarters and The Prime Directive. In essence, we have merged each of our Bridge Commander content and resources to form the one-stop place for all things Bridge Commander related.

We realized together, we could provide the most Bridge Commander coverage (news) as well as content to the visitors. A large snippet from Stylsy's, The History Of The Prime Directive summarizes how things fell into place.

in July 2001 a new, promising site announced it's addition to the BC community, Bridge Commander Headquarters. In no time at all, we collaborated to create the largest Bridge Commander FAQ ever, and from this co-operation, decided that a partnership would allow us to bring together better features into the community for the fans.

As the co-operation grew stronger, it was a logical choice for both sites to pull their resources into a new, larger, better website, Bridge Commander Universe. With the talents of three webmasters together, how could we fail.
In addition to the staff is John Moore. He is credited for designing the new site and if any of you happen to see him on the forums, make sure to give him a big thanks!

As for our regular visitors, the forums are back online and several sections have already been updated with new content. (We are still in the process of transferring content)

(UPDATE: Forums currently still have some bugs to iron out, will have a update tomorrow on it.)

The entire Bridge Commander Universe staff would like to welcome you to your gateway for all of your Bridge Commander information.

"It's going to be one hell of a ride!"

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